About Us

SmartArreda was born with the specific intent to apply technologies in innovative work environments that support the strategic objectives of the companies generating identity, efficiency and well-being, riding what is today the transformation program on which organizations have turned their gaze: Smart working, coworking and person augmented by technology.


We design spaces…


…and it is essential for us to understand the needs of those who live it every day, structuring them with a view to digitalisation and new technologies. Different types of work that have a common denominator: the need to share the environment while maintaining an independent activity.

New methods of collaboration


Companies are beginning to use new collaboration methods and less formal and rigorous work spaces than those we all know. Interior customization and careful selection of every object that surrounds them, attention to innovation and design, creation of spaces dedicated to rest, hobbies, sport, play and culture understood as very useful generators of ideas and therefore an integral part of the creative and productive processes are the cornerstones of a current work environment. Colleagues are no longer understood according to the traditional paradigm, but “nomadic” professionals between one project and another, between one desk and another, and who may live and work on the other side of the world in a diametrically opposite time zone .

The relationship therefore resides in the connection and collaboration and it is for this that the technologies are absolute protagonists of the office of the present and future. The Internet of Things will increasingly make a fundamental contribution to governance; think today of the sensors and applications that manage and supervise intelligent domestic buildings to control air conditioning, energy, processing power and safety.