What does TEACHING mean?.

This is the Science that studies and defines METHODS and TECHNIQUES to teach. Obviously the task of the trainer is to learn methodologies, strategies and techniques and to understand which ones to use depending on the context.

The teaching methods have changed over time especially since the technology made its advent, up to the ones we know today and that have been introduced by the PNSD.
The National Plan for the Digital School (PNSD) is a document designed to guide schools in a path of innovation and digitalization, as foreseen in the School reform (law 107/2015 – The Good School). The document serves as an address and aims to introduce new technologies in schools, to spread the idea of lifelong learning (life-long learning) and to extend the concept of school from the physical place to virtual learning spaces.
The technologies come into the classroom and support the innumerable teaching methods that follow, so that students and teachers interact with constructive teaching methods and cooperatives overcoming the frontal setting of the lesson and favoring a less transmissive and more operational teaching..

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